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Our luxury chocolate is made with the finest cocoa beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter. We include the use of single origin chocolate to enhance your chocolate experience.

We strongly believe that excellent quality ingredients are key to the flavours achieved. When making our chocolates we use fresh zest or freshly squeezed juice in our fruit-centred chocolates, real vanilla pod or seeds in our Madagascan Vanilla chocolate, freshly grated ginger in our Pacific Spices and fresh cream in all of our chocolates. To these fresh ingredients we add the finest Belgian chocolate, sugar and alcohol, but only if this is key to the flavour of the chocolate centre.

These chocolates are representative of the chocolates that can be made across all of our party formats.

Champagne Truffle

Champagne Truffle

Marc de Champagne truffle hand dipped in white chocolate.

Pacific Spices

Pacific Spices

A wonderful combination of cinnamon, ginger and star anise coated in dark chocolate*.

Hazelnut Ganache

Hazelnut Ganache

Hazelnut praline in a milk chocolate shell hand dipped in additional milk chocolate. This truffle is decorated with toasted caramelised hazelnuts to give it an extra crunch!

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

Milk Chocolate combined with cream to create a delicious ganache. This chocolate is hand dipped in milk chocolate before being decorated with a vibrant glitter.

Apricot and aniseed layered chocolate

Apricot and Aniseed Layered Chocolate

A delicious combination of aniseed, Grenade origin dark chocolate and pureed apricots.

Madagascan Vanilla

Madagascan Vanilla

Chocolate combined with cream, infused with the seeds of a Madagascan vanilla pod, sitting in a delicious dark chocolate shell, topped with roasted caramelised hazelnuts and an orange chocolate curl.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Scrumptiously delicious, smooth and soft salted caramel encased in a milk chocolate shell.

Raspberry Ganache

Raspberry Ganache

Raspberry puree folded with chocolate and cream, piped into a white chocolate shell and decorated with white chocolate curls and freeze-dried raspberries.

Fresh Orange

Chocolate Orange

Orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice combined with milk chocolate and encased in a milk chocolate shell.

Cognac and Raisin

Cognac and Raisin

Raisins soaked in cognac and blended with milk chocolate and cream before being hand dipped in indulgent dark chocolate and rolled in dark chocolate vermicelli.

St Clements

Orange and Lemon

Cream infused with vanilla and the zest of oranges and lemons, folded into dark chocolate, hand dipped in milk chocolate.

Thank you!

After 9 amazing years I have taken the very difficult decision to hang up my chocolate apron and, as such, no new bookings are being taken.

All existing bookings will absolutely still proceed as normal.

I would like to thank my amazing customers, many of whom I have had the pleasure of hosting 2 and 3 parties for.  It has been wonderful to meet you and thank you so much for welcoming us into your homes.

I have many super memories and I’m very proud of what we achieved and how the business grew, however the time is right for me to take on new challenges.

Very best wishes,
Sara x