The Aztecs And The Introduction Of Chocolate

30 beans of cocoa for 1 rabbit, 3 beans for 1 turkey egg, 250 beans for a small gold statue – these are examples of how chocolate was used as a currency by the Aztecs

The Aztecs

The Aztecs populated central Mexico during the 14th and 16th centuries.  Montezuma was their Charismatic leader who built up the Aztec Empire and he was a huge fan of Xocotlatl (the early name for Chocolate) and drank 50 goblets a day! Cocoa beans during this time were the local currency and beans were traded at weekly or even daily markets in larger cities, which were populated by upto 60,000 people.

Chocolate moves to Spain

The Spaniards led by Hernándo Cortés, landed on the Gulf Coast in the spring of 1519. Despite some early battles between the two, Cortés allied himself with the Aztecs’ long-time enemy, the Confederacy of Tlazcala. The Spaniards and their Tlaxcallan allies became increasingly dangerous and unwelcome guests in the capital city. In 1520, hostilities broke out, culminating in the massacre in the Main Temple and the death of Montezuma. In time the Spanish installed their own ruler over the area.  In 1528 Chocolate is exported by Cortez to Spain.

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