10 Top Tips for making a Caramel


Making a caramel can be tricky so here are my 10 top tips for a successful caramel every time:

♥ Boil cream in a seperate pan and allow to cool

♥ In another pan melt your sugar little at a time

♥ Keep hob on lowest setting to avoid your sugar burning

♥ DO NOT stir your sugar (you will be sorely tempted but resist!)

♥ If the temptation to stir the sugar is too much lift the pan and swirl the sugar over the melted liquid

♥ Only when the sugar has melted stir the liquid on the hob until all the grains have dissolved

♥ Add your glucose

♥ Quench the sugar liquid with cream – little at a time as this will spit

♥ Finally add your butter and stir

♥ KEY TIP – Allow lots of time – never try to make a caramel in a hurry!

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